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bustle and crowd in front of the Union, and in
a little while heard that there had been an accident
a few miles from town, by which 32 soldiers had been
badly wounded, they were of a party of about 60 who
had been discharged from the hospital in Frederic, Md.
and sent up here to join their regiments, several
of them have died from their injuries, It is terrible!
Today the yankees are trying to give the idea that
the accident was caused by obstacles placed on the road,
but that is utterly false. The road was crushed in by
the weight of a very heavy train, and a large Balt. and
Ohio engine which they were using. Fremont has
certainly fallen back to Middletown today, but where
Jackson is, nobody knows, the yankees say he has a
hole in the mountains, where he goes sometimes
with his army, and that he has gone there now.
Tuesday June 24th Reports reached us today that
we have had another victory at Richmond. No news
of Jackson. The town is swarming with Dutch from
Blenker's brigade. Blenker has been deprived of his
command, and his men say they will "fight no more",
They say "Blenker ish no more general, and dere ish
no more brigade, and no more fighting" They wonder
about the town, perfectly inoffensive, and as far as
behavior is concerned, are far preferable to the real
yankees. Poor [Nut] is must worse, sinking rapidly
we fear.
Wednesday June 25th I feel right well again [...]
have been working a good deal in the garden, [...]
begins to repay us very well for our trouble, No news of
importance, only rumours that our men are coming.
Thursday June 26th Rumours today of French intervent-
ion, but I do not credit them, Our Cavalry are on the
Romney road, and are said to have burned the bridge