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at New Creek. There was a skirmish today with the
Yankee Cavalry on the Romney road about ten miles
from town
Friday June 27th Gen. Geary passed through town
today with between 3 and 4000 troops, It is said today
that Jackson has gone with his army to Richmond.
The Yankees are furnishing more hospitals here and
at Middletown, with the evidnet intention of staying
here premanently. The servants are going off again
in crowds, 300 went last night.
Saturday June 28th Our boys are released on
parole from Fort Delaware, and are to go to stay at
Mr Shields at Ceciltown, Md. for the present, We are
of course, delighted, Mrs Barton is going there on
Monday. Jane is so delicate that Mr S. has not
been able to tell her of Marshall's death, Fremont
who assumed command of the army here a few
days ago, has resigned in consequence of Gen. Pope being placed
over him, he passed through here today with his
staff. There is a report here tonight, that Seigel
has been wounded today, but where, or by whom,
we cannot ascertain. Shields has resigned and
gone off, and Blenker has been removed from
his command. At present, there is really no command
-er with this army. If Jackson could only come
now, We have had a decided victory at Charleston
The yankees say there has been fighting at Richmond
both yesterday and today, but we can hear nothing of
the result, Mr Mason's house has been cleaned and
furnished for a hospital.
Sunday June 29th Poor Nut grows rapidly worse. Reports
today that Jackson has certainly gone to Richmond.
and a rumour that we have been successful in
the fighting there on these two past days.