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Wednesday July 2nd. A day of incessant rain,
sad, and dark and dreary. At sister Lib's all day,
Funeral this afternoon, It is terrible to die at
such a time as this. We have heard not one
word today of what is going on at Richmond.
Thursday July 3rd Details in the Baltimore papers
proving that McCellan has been defeated with
terrible loss, but claiming at the same time
that our loss has been equally heavy, and that
the position they have now taken, is exactly what
they wished and intended to have taken, before
we attacked them. They say it is only another
and more certain route to Richmond. It has
been only a rout from Richmod, so far.
Our knowledge of facts at this time is gained
only by inference, from what the papers do say
and do not say. They described the fighting as
perfectly terrific, having continued fours days, and
say that the battles we have had before bear
no comparison with it, Ewells division is believed
to be still in the valley, there has certainly been
fighting up above here, as many wounded have
been brought in today.
Friday July 4th This day last year, we set a[...]
door listening each moment for the sound fo the
battle which Johnston's army had gone out to Bun[...]
Hill to fight, but which did not take place, however,
in consequence of the enemy's withdrawing. Today
we have continued Northern accounts of the terrific
fighting near Richmond.