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It lasted five days, with dreadful loss, they say, on
both sides. OF their own loss they are certain, ours
they conjecture. They announce in the authority
of the Richmond Dispatch, that Jackson is killed.
That is too great a calamity to be believed while
there is any doubt of it remaining, Banks is
coming back to this army, and it is reported
that it is to go at once to Richmond, evacuating
the valley.
Saturday July 5th More accounts full of horror, of
the battles at Richmond. They admit a terrible disaster,
but say that with sufficient reinforcements, they
will certainly take Richmond soon. They still
assert that Jackson is dead. We cannot hear the
true accounts of our success, and of our losses. The
army at Middletown is coming back here, some
regiments have arrived, and are encamped on
the hills near town, and strange to say, are
planting guns in the same positions as at the
last battle. We supposed that they were only passing
through here onthe way to join McCellan, but
why should they place guns in position for defence?
Monday July 7th There was a wild report in town
yesterday that McClellan and all his army have
surrendered, having been surrounded, and [...]
supplies cut off. I believe it only enough to [feel]
assured that he has been entirely defeated and
his army thoroughly disorganized, We are preplexed
about the movements here. The troops which came
down the valley saturday, remained here yesterday,
and last night went on to Martinsburg, but to
counterbalance that, a large body of raw troops, they
say (14000) passed through in the opposite direction