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and went up the valley, and many others are
said to be coming tonight. We had hoped they
would all be withdrawn from here to be sent to
McClellan, the climate there is working for us,
They admit that they have sent certainly one-fifth
of their whole army back to their homes or the
hospitals, unfitted for service by sickness. Many
persons entirely disbelieve the report of Jackson's death,
but I fear me, I fear! Our men in the hospitals
are getting on well, Many are entirely well now
The Yankees are still bringing immense quantities
of stores of every kind here, I am so worn out
with the incessant sound of the wagons, Last night
we scarcely slept at all, from the noise and the
heat, combined.
Tuesday July 8th It was not true that any troops
passed through here up the valley last night,
All who passed through the town were going down
to Martinsburg. They are certainly evacuating
the valley, principally by way of Front Royal.
They are carrying off the immense supplies of
stores here, in the greatest haste, though they are
still throwing up fortifications on the hills around the
town, but that may be only for a blind.
Mr and Mrs Barton returned this evening from
Md, Found Jame much better. They all went
to Fort Delaware and were allowed to see the [...]
for several hours. They found them well and
cheerful, nicely dressed, and well supplied by [..]
friends. with comforts, and prefectly well acquainted
with what is going on in the country, they hear the
news through the prisoners who continue to be carried
in, and who take newspapers in with them,
arrangements are nearly completed for their