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exchange on parole. There was no truth in
the report of McClellan's surrender, but the papers
describe the excitement and anxiety throughout
the North as most intense as regards what has occurred,
as well as what is to come.
Wednesday July 9th They are moving everything from
here in the greatest haste. Banks' army has gone
from Middletown across to Front Royal, on the way to
Washington. The soldiers here say that Jackson is very
near here, but that he shall never retake this
town, as they intend to destroy it before they
leave it, They have been planting more guns on
the heights, this evening, and they are pointed on
the town. There is great excitement and expection
on all hands, of something startling.
Thursday July 10th Jackson is safe!! Rumours of
many persons we know being killed, but nothing
positive. It is a state of hear sickening suspense,
The North is almost in a state of frenzy about raising
reinforcements for McClellan. Enllistment goes on
so slowly, that they call loudly for a conscription.
They are sill moving off from here, stores, and hund=
reds of sick, daily.
Friday July 11th It is certain that there are no
troops of any kind in the valley, except 2000 Cavalry
under Gen. Robertson (the successor of Ashby) The yank[ees]
say they intended to occuy the town with a samll for[ce]
and if any attempt is made by the Confeder[ates to]
drive them out, they will shell the town.
Saturday July 12th The distressing detail of our [...]
at Richmond, are beginning to reach us, The Baltimore
papers, today, say that Maj. Wheat and Col. Allen were
both killed instantly, also Ward McDonald, Maj.
Frank Jones is reported to have lost a leg, and to be