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dangerously, if not mortally, wounded. A regiment
marched in this evening, being positively the last
yankees inthe vallay, above this place. The road
from Newtown up, is perfectly clear.
Monday July 14th Rumours reached us yesterday, which
are confirmed by a person just from Richmond,
of the terrible havoc in the companies from this
town. Maj. Jones has died from his wound.
Captains Sherer, Burgess, and Fletcher, Lieuts Bob
Streit and Frank Sherand were all killed, and young
Legg dangerously wounded, and Holmes Boyd slightly.
Lieut. Col. Frank is reported dangerously wounded, but
it is not confirmed. The others are certain. It is a
heart rending list, all noble young men, Their families
are in the deepest afflication, and all feel with them,
knowing that each day may bring the same grief home
to themselves. There has been no movement
among the enemy here today, except that they have been
firiing over the town at intervals, they say to get their
guns at the right range. More servants going off.
I suppose at least three fourths of the servants in this
region have gone.
Tuesday July 15th Today we have the cheering
intelligence that Maj. Jones is not dead, but is doing
well since the amputation of his leg. Capt. Sherer is
alive, but wounded, and Col. Frank is also wounded
Young Bayley and his Falkners from here, are s[aid]
to be killed. Mattie Baldwin went today, with [...]
children, to Maryland to stay with Jane. Mrs Barton['s]
cook, Lavinia, with her three children, went off last night,
she has always protested that she had no idea of
Wednesday July 16th We were roused early this morning
by a great excitement, the pickets were driven in