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Some of the citizens went out to Newtown, and
begged the officers of the Cavalry not to come
into the town, as it might give them a pretext
for firing on us. This afternoon they have
altered their plans, and have carried all the
guns from the fortifications out to Kernstown,
There has been cannonading all the afternoon,
but very distant. The yankees have a report
this evening that they have fought Jackson at
Gordonsville, and whipped him and taken two
of his Brigades, this is a strange report, and make[s]
me anxious. Frank Sherand is certainly dead.
Saturday July 19th We wlked out to a portion of the
battlefield. Mr Patin went with us to explain the
positions. There is not a trace remaining of the
battle. We were on the range of hills south of the
Academy, and the view was perfectly glorious. We
had a full view of the yankee camp and fortifications
which they are still erecting. They took away a
few of the guns yesterday, but say they have still
26 mounted. They had no pickets on the valley road
for three days, but today they have renewed them
and are very strict about passes. There has been
no fight at Gordsonsville, but the papers today say
that Gen. Pope took possession of the place on Thursday
without oppostion. It is very strange, for letters
have reached here from Jackson's army in the [last]
day or two, dated Gordonsville, and written [...]
Sunday. A rumour today that Curtis and [...]
men have been captured in Arkansas, They
have withdrawn from Vicksburg, admitting
that they cannot take the place with gunboats.
nothing new from McClellan.
Sunday July 20th Lutheran church in the morning,
Sunday school class in the afternoon, and