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prayer meeting at night at Mrs Hopkins.
Monday July 21st Today is the anniversay of
the battle of Manassas, one of the first of the many,
many sad anniversaries which this generation
will carry on their minds and hearts through
life. The yankees were a little premature in their
announcement of having taken Gordonsville.
The papers say today that it is still held by
Gen. Ewell, No especial news from abroad.
Our yanks keep very closely at fortifications.
But few stay in the town. More servants went
last night. Among them "Mr WIlliam Bell."
Tuesday July 22nd All quiet here, Morgan's
raid in Kentucky has caused the greatest excite=
ment and panic among the yankees. Pope's
orders make us feel rather uneasy.
Wednesday July 23rd Talk of McClellan's evacuating
the peninsula, More guns brought here and
more fortifications built.
July 24th This drunked creature, Donn [Bitt],
who is commanding here now, seems disposed
to carry out Pope's orders to the fullest extent.
He has had many houses searched in the last
few days, and has taken groceries on several
occasions from quiet citizens, on pretense that [...]
[...] extra supplies, and intended for our [...]
Some runaway servants have returned from [...]
to their masters, near here. They bring terrible
accounts of the destitution and suffering among
the poor deluded creatures who have gone off, and
say that numbers would return home if they were
permitted and had the means.