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Friday July 25th An order was received here
yesterday from Pope, that no supplies of any
kind were to be permitted to enter the city of
Winchester, for the use of the citizens, and conseq-
unetly, all the freight which came up on the cars
yesterday, was returned to Baltimore today, also
an order came that every man in Winchester who
refuses to take the oath of allegiance will be sent
beyond the lines. We cannot believe that this
last tyrannical order will be carried out, but
the Provost Marshall is coming back into town today
it is said, to apply the test. We were made
happy today by hearing of Lewis, he is safe and
well, still at Goldsbrough, and Provost Marshall
of the place, This afternoon we walked out again
to the battlefiled. Kate Conrad was with us, when
we were there last Saturday, we piled up stones
to mark the place from which the Louisiana
Brigade charged down the hill upon the yankees.
The girls have been there several times since
and each time have aded to the pile, until
it has become quite a reputable monument.
It is just facing the new fortification about
half a mile distant. We observed several groups
of men come a little way down the hill, apparent[ly]
watching us, and we amused ourselves, run[ning]
about collecting the stones with great apparrent [...]
[...eso], and then waving our sun bonnets and
parasols when we added to the pile, We found
an old fruit can which we fixed on the top point[ed]
towards the yankees. Mary wrote on a leaf of her pocket
book "attentino yankees! this is a masked battery,
and highly dangerous, We charge you not to take it
'rebels' We fixed it in the can for them to find.