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Saturday July 26th Two new regiments came
today and more are coming, so they are not
going to give up this place. No one permitted
either to enter or leave the town today. We were
quite amused this morning at submitting our
masters. One of Pope's late orders is that any one
detected in sending or carrying letters through the
lines shall be shot. We had letters to send, and
this morning Cary Baldwin came to town (from
Joseph's where she is staying) to get medicine for
her servant, who is very ill, she persuaded the
picket to let her into the town, but they told her
they would not let her go out without a pass
from the General. she told us she would take
as many letters as we pleased, as she was
certainly going back if she had to walk out behind
the hills, and had not the least fear about taking
letters, Cary went out to the camp and the Gen.
refused to give her a pass, but the officer of the
day. who had heard her story about the little
children and ill servant, told her he would
take the responsibility of riding out with her, and
passing her through the pickets. In the meantime
Mary had written Col. Baylor a full account of the
reinforcements here, and everything we could hear
of them, and Cary got the letters and carried
them off. How tantalizing! Bolling Barton got [...]
[...] evening from Springdale, and says that [...]
came down the valley yesterday, but found that he
could not get in to town, and is now at Mr Magill's
waiting, in the hope of seeing us. It is too hard.
Monday July 28th We tried yesterday morning to get
out to see dear Tuck, but failed signally.