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We are fully repaid for our exertions in the garden,
by having an abundance of fine vegatables.
Thursday July 31st It is announced today, that
the administration of the oath will be delayed
three days, until they hear again from Washington.
I was interrupted by an alarm of fire, which proved
to be a handsome new house built by Mr Glaze,
but never occupied, except by the yankees, who
took possession of it last March, and now have
burnt it because it belongs to a "secesh soldier".
There is a report this morning that several
regiements of North Carolinians are at Middletown
as the advance of Jackson's army. It seems
very improbable, as accounts have agreed that
Jackson is opposing Pope in Culpepper, It is
getting unbearable here. We have had no market=
ing for a week, no paper this evening.
Friday August 1st They have carried off most
of our men from the hospital today, leaving only
a few with amputated limbs. about 20 of our men
have flanked the pickets and gotten off safely in the
past fortnight. The oath still threatened. Kate Conrad
was permitted to come into town today, from
Newtown. She says that there are no troops in the
valley now, except one regiment of Cavalry. Gen. Robertson
having taken all the rest to join Jackson, but where
nobody knows.
Saturday August 2nd [Orders] from Washington [...]
exact the oath from citizens of Winchester, at [...]
We think our government has interfered, as no[thing]
was sent to Gen. Robertson four days ago, of what was
intended. It is wonderful what a spirit is shown
by all classes, even down to the lowest and poorest
the men are unanimous in refusing, even though