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Wednesday August 6th Lal and I sat up last
night with Anna Brown, she is a little better
today, Ellen Barton brought a letter for us from
the Masons, who had seen Lewis, and wrote to
tell us all about him, buit the letter, to our
great disappointment, has been lost or mislaid
between Vancluse and this place. The rules
with regard to letters are very rigid, they say
all persons detected in carrying letters will be
regarded as spies and traitors, and treated
accordingly, but their threats are disregarded,
and the market people, who are always escorted
around by a guard, constantly have letters
about them. This afternoon we were arranging
with a woman to bring in letters from Newtown
while her guard stood at a little distnace, looking
on, but of course, not hearing. The country people
are eager to do anything, which will outwit the
yankees. We heard that there were four hundred
letters at Newtown for people here.
Thursday August 7th We went to the funeral of
Cornelia Clark's baby this morning. Nothing heard
today of any interest. The Union hotel is given up
to the runaways, it has been closed as a hospital
for some week.
[Saturday] August 8th Anna Brown did la[st] [...]
[...] pious and lovely young girl [...]
[...] to a grievous affliction to her family.
The papers today are jubilant over McClellan's having
resumed the offensive, and recaptured Malvern
Hills. The Conscription in the North is causing great