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Saturday August 9th We went to Anna B's funeral
this morning, a most sad and touching scene,
We begin to feel anxious and a little depressed.
We hear nothing from Jackson, he is lost again,
It is true that always means that some great move
is on hand. The most malignant spirit [prevades]
the Lincoln government. If their plans could be
carried out, they would be quite willing to exterm=
inate us, The paper this evening says the rejoicings
of yesterday were premature. McClellan has
retired again from Malvern Hills. It was
merely a reconnoisance, the say. A Richmond
Examiner was smuggled into town this evening,
which gives the details of a brilliant exploit of Gen.
Pendelton and his artillery. They shelled the fleet
in James River at night, about the first of this
month. 31 transports were sunk, and a large
steamer used as officers quarters, completely
ruined, the remainder of the fleet ran down
the river for safety.
Monday August 11th Yesterday passed quietly.
The weather has been intensely hot for a week, the
first experience of really hot weather we have this
summer. We are closely blockaded, not a [pa...]
[...] to [...] or leave the [town] [...]
[...][people], who are escorted around [..]
[...] guard. There are a very few exceptions to the
rule. two or three gentlemen have succedded, nobody
know how, in getting passes for ten days, to and from
their farms. There has been another terrible battle,
we learn from the papers this evening.