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This transcription is complete!
but nothing certain is known of the results.
It was last Saturday, between Ewell and Banks
on the Rapidan. Maj. Tom Marshall was taken
prisoner at Orange Ct house. about a week ago.
Tuesday August 12th The letter interdict works
well, We received today a letter from S. at Jackson's
headquarters, and have sent out one in reply,
by another source, we received a letter from Staunton,
Mr Gregory escaped through the lines today, he
has been concealed at Dr. Boyd's since the 25th of
June, when he was wounded. The Fort Delaware
prisoners were sent up to Richmond last Thursday,
and my anxious misery about Bob has recommen=
ced. The papers this evening do not attempt to
claim a victory, but speak of terrible loss on their
side, especially among the officers, They say that
Gen. Winder is killed, and Jackson wounded in
the hand. We can only infer from their
accounts, that the victory is ours.
Wednesday August 13th More letters brought in
today, but none of later date than the fifth inst.
The Yankees are robbing the gardens everywhere,
those near the camp have been entirely destroyed
Some persons have literally nothing to eat but bac[on]
[and] bread. A party of soldiers went to Dr. [Co...]
[...] [?] upstairs to the [...]
[...], tore up the matting, prized up the plan[ks]
of the floor, and took possession of a large amount
of plate and jewelry which had been concealed
there. They declared it contraband goods, and were
just marching off with everything, when Maj. [Whilttesy]