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many days. I am so constantly anxious and
wretched, now that Bob is back in the army, I was
not conscious while he was prisoner, how great
the relief was from the momentary apprehension
while he is in the danger. Those wretches at the
fortifications amuse themselves by occasionally sending
a shell over the town, to remind us of our helpless=
ness, and their power over us. the shells go shrieking
through the air, alarming the timid people, this
morming they fired one of the largest guns just
at daylight, arousing the whole town, the shell
struck a house, almost in the center of town,
and it was a merciful Providence which preserved
the livees of the family, they had been sleeping in
the room which the ball entered, until last night
where, from reason, they moved upstairs to sleep.
Tuesday We went up to Conner's this eveing to see
the marks, the ball, a 32 pounder, passed through
three walls and a door, crushing a bedstead and
a chair in its way, and struck against a house
on the opposite side of the street. The citizens sent
a remonstrance out to the Gen., and he sent back
a promise that no more guns should be fired over
the town, but it was as false as usual for again
this morning we were waked by a tremendous report
and the shrill whistling of the ball over the town,
the same thing occurred again this evening,
[...] fallen in the cemetery, [wh...]
[] August 19th We sent outa large [pack...]
letters today, and have received a bundle of goods
from Baltimore, and have ordered a large supply
of groceries, which are to be sent here to a union man,
all which things are positively forbidden, but it is