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a great pleasure to outwit these Yankees.
There are rumours today that we have troops
all around, and quite a large force in the Valley
but I do not believe it yet. This is to me one of the
most depressing times I have yet known. I am
so miserable about Bob, and we have nothing but
Yankee accounts, and they are awful.
Wednesday August 20th still this weary, dreary monot=
ony, "Bluecoats" rambling through the streets, and
occasionally the relief guard passing, and small
parties of Cavalry going out to relieve the pickets,
The strict blockade is not removed, and as the
soldiers rot the gardens all the time, unless there
a change, we may come to the starving point,
I feel great anxiety about Anna, the Yankees
claim that they still hold Baton Rouge, and that
the battle there was a great victory for them.
We have no means fo learning the truth, We can
send letters out very easily, but it is very diffuclt
to get them into town, Jackson has been lost for
some days.
Thursday August 21st Nothing stirring today. We
are going to vary the scene, by spending this evening
at Mr WIlliams'.
Friday August 22nd Today the Doctor decides that
[...] typhoid fever, she has been very unwell [f...]
[...] [it] would wear off [...]
[...] disease severely four years ago, she is [...]
sick, but it is such a weary wearing thing, that
even the mildest form of it is to be dreaded
William, at the end of four weeks, is still not able to
attend to his work. The oath of Allegiance business
is stirring again, and to our great indignation,