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most of the prominent men here, have agreed to
compromise, by taking a parole, which will exempt
them from the regular oath, but is still a great
concession to the Yankees. It is shareful!!
Saturday night, August 23rd We have had no papers
today, the train of cars which brings them was stopped
near Summit Point, by a party of our Cavalry, the
mail and express goods carried off, and the train
and baggage burned, the news did not reach here
till nine o'clock, and caused much excitement,
A train which came up early in the afternoon, brought
a report that we have retaken Fort Donelson.
Monday August 25th Yesterday we heard reports of
fighting since Thursday in Orange and Rappahannock,
that Pope was retreating and Jackson pursuing.
The attack on the [?s] was a successful thing. A
large amount of specie, for paying off the troops,
in charge of the express company, was captured, The
Yankees are raging about it. Lal's typhoid is
progressing slowly but surely, Today there is great
excitement at the reports of the advance of our army, is
said to be at Warrenton, Paris, Front Royal, Middlesburg,
One thing is certain, all day, partiees of soldiers,
fugitives from the direction of Pope's army, have been
straggling into town, and this evening, heavy cannon=
ading has been heard here. The Baltimore papers
admit only "skirmishing" last week, This miserable
compromise oath has been administered today [...]
[...] our most [...]
[...] brandy refused to [gi...]
[...] paroles or promise to the Yankees.
Tuesday August 26th No satisfactory explanation
of Pope's movements, the papers call it a 'strategic
retreat". Reports that our men are coming on here