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some people believe it, I do not, Lal is getting
on well, there is a great deal of the fever about,
but it is generally a mild form, Little Alice
Swartzwelder died this morning, she was one of my
Sunday school class. she has been ill a long
time with disease of the heart and dropsy.
Wednesday, August 27th We had a very annoying
affair this morning with Emily, she took offence
at some imaginary grievance, and took up her
baby and walked off, saying as she could not
give us satisfaction, she would go somewhere else,
I followed her and told her to go back home
and behave herself and not act in such a silly
way, she came back very readily, and went
on with her work, but I should not be surprised
at any moment to find she had gone off in
earnest, A large party of servants from Clarke
determined to return to their masters, saying that
they are starving here. Went this morning to try to get
through the pickets on their way home, but they were
ordered back to town. There is the4 greatest excite=
ment here about the oath business, A great many
men refuse to take it, and ten of them were sent
[to] the North this morning, in consequence. The fate
of many others is to be decided today. They [s...]
[...] [...ce] of our [...] The [h...]
[...], [?] [...]
[...] [...uling] around in the neighborhood,
[The] papers say that we have captured some of
their wagons, and among them the baggage of
[Gen] Pope and staff, which had all the papers