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belonging to that division, among it. They say
this is a great disaster, as by this means, we
have become posessed [possessed] of all the plans, orders,
and arrangements for the Campaign, and
consequently, Gen. Halleck will be forced to alter
the whole programme.
Thursday August 28th The Yankees brought in 40 [above: mistake]
prisoners [above: only 1 prisoner] this moring. It is so foolish in our men
to be lingering around the town, just to show that
they are not afraid, for they accomplish nothing
else, except to get captured. The Union men are
so vile as to betray where they are, and lead
parties of cavalry to catch them, So many of the
men refused yesterday to take that parole, that
the Gen. has withdrawn it from those who took it,
and waits further orders from Washington. He says
it is intended to bring every man individually,
back to his allegiance to the U.S. Betty has sym=
ptoms of the typhoid fever, Lal is doing well, It
is doubly hard on his to take this tedious fever at a
time when she is necessarily so anxious about S.
Friday August 29th Mrs Hopkins has been ordered
to leave town within 48 hiours, and not to return here,
Her offence is trying to get passes for some of Mr
John E. Page's servants, to go back to their master
Some difficulty occurred about it and on the
[...] a [neg...] [man], which is ut[...]
[...] [?], to [see] if she cannot get [...]
[...] justice will she get from that crew at Washington
Our men are reported to be around us in all
directions, but I doubt it, The papers are withheld
this evening, but a few copies of the Sun were