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           111. ([m...] 220)
Tuesday February 28th. Mt. Jackson. Since my last
entry, a week ago, we have passed through a
severe experience Last Thursday morning in the
midst of a torrent of rain, a messsenger came
from Gen. Sheridan to notify us that we with
Mrs Sherrand's family were to be sent through
the lines as soon as the weather became good
Of course it was a great shock to us. Mary went
at once to him to ask what charges he had against
us. He said he had plenty of charges, but
did not choose to tell what they were, but that
We should have sufficient time to make
arrangements, and might put some one in
the house to protect it. The rain ceased in the
evening, and after dark another order came, to
the effect that "Mrs Lee, Miss Lee, and the Miss
Burrells having been placed by the fortunes of
war within the lines of this army, have given
constant annoyance, either from a wish for notoriety,
or a want of reflection, or from not being true
to themselves, they are therefore ordered beyond the
lines, and Maj. Parsons, Quartermaster, will have them
conveyed to Newtown on Saturday morning."
The Sherrands received the same order, There was no