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help for us, so we began to make arrangements
that night, We packed the silver and carried it
away. and went in various directions to try to get a
tenant for the house, but were unsuccessful
then we collected our clothes and were busy until
1/2 past two packing, that we might have our last
day free for securing our furniture, if possible
It was well we did not wait until Friday to pack
for the house was thronged with friends during the
whole day. There was the greatest sympathy felt for
us, and expressed in every possible way, all the
smaller and more valuable articles were taken
away and secured, but the heavy furniture we
had no hope of removing, and as no tenant
could be found, the servants were in the greatest
distress. We promised to arrange that they should
remain in the kitchen and left them some
provisions, knowing that they could easily support
themselves. We prepared provisions to last until
we could reach Staunton, and packed up
the groceries and other supplies to leave behind,
But it was but little we could save of the things
we valued most. We concluded all our arrange-
ments lage at night, and buy 8 o'clock the next
[...] [...y] persons arrived to see us off.