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though we were not to go until 9. Many efforts
had been made to induce Gen. Sheridan to retract
the order, but in vain. I applied at first to be
allowed to go to Clarksburg, but it was refused
Mr Burwell was almost crazy about the girls, and
tried in every way to get them released from the
order. We would not allow any one to ask the [Union]
people to intercede for us, as we knew it would be
of no avail, and we did not choose to be so
humiliated, It is a most cruel outrage, and
perfectly undeserved. The only thing we have
ever done against their orders, was to receive and
send letters, and that is done by three fourths 3/4 of the people
in the town, and the Yankees are perfectly aware
of it, and know also that they cannot prevent it.
they have proved it on several persons, but
never punished them. The true reason is that we
kept entirely aloof from them, asking no favors,
making no acquaintances, and in fact perfect=
ly ignoring their existence. We were among
the few people who were able to do it, and Sheridan
determined to punish us, and humble our
pride if possible. Our departure was a perfect
triumph, large numbers of our friends crowded
around the ambulance, and many ran through
the streets, following us to the Provost's office. Where