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we were to  join the Sherrands, We were all excited
enough to have a very cheerful parting, and the
Yankees saw no tears except from our servants and
other colored friends, Mrs Cutler had petitioned
Sheridan to send us as far as Woodstock, reminding
him of the impossibility of our procuring transport-
ation at any nearer point, He promised it should
be as far as Middletown, 12 miles, but when we
reach the edge of Newtown, only 7 miles, the officer
in charge of the party said he had orders to search
us and then leave us, It was perfectly inhuman,
a heavy rain was falling, everything covered
with snow and ice, We urged the cruelty of opening
our trunks in such a place, At last he agreed that
if we would give our word that we had no letters
about us, he would not search, and would take
us to a house in Newtown, We assured him we had
none, and then we moved on, as we were
unloading our baggage, Mr & Mrs Jones drove into
the town, as soon as the Yankees were gone they
came to see us, and proved their affection and
sympathy for us by trying to make arrangements
for our going on at once. After much difficulty we
hired a wagon for the trunks, a little carriage for
four of our party, and Mr Jones lent his carriage
[...] the other three, These were to take us as far as