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Woodstock, 30 milees from Winchester, but it was too
late to start until the next morning. Mr Jones carried
Lizzie, Lal and myself to [Vancluse] for the night.
They did everything that kindness and hosptiality
could prompt to give us pleasure and comfort.
Mrs McCloud in Newtown was equally kind and
refused to take a cent of pay for the nights lodging,
supper and breakfast, This kindness at the outset
was very reassuring, as we had been told that
everybody in the valley was so ruined that we must
expect nothing. Sunday morning was clear and
quite cold. I had taken a dreadful cold and was
right sick, but still was thankful to be moving on.
After travelling at a walk for ten hours, we reached
Woodstock at 5 o'clock. The hotel is kept by Mr
Hollingsworth, from near Winchester, and here again
we received the greatest kindness, they entertained
us most hospitably, and would not receive any
pay, Kate McGruder took three of the girls home
with her, On Monday morning after incredible
exertions, we procured a wagon for the trunks, and
two spring wagons for the party, to bring us on to their
place, twelve miles further. The prices were enormous,
but we were determined to get on as fast as possible,
as information had been given us the day b[...]
[...] [house] of an immediate [...]