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But as yet, it is uncertain. We have persuaded
the Sherrands to go to Mr Miller's to stay, as the prices
here are fearful.   Thursday March 2nd. No news
from above us, except that the raiders are pushing
on rapidly for Lynchburg, through Staunton, The
strictest discipline is kept up and no straggling
allowed. So far they have done but little damage,
but tomorrow their five days rations will be
exhausted, and they will being to live on the
country. We will be forced to remain here until
they return, or are driven back some other way.
Our life here is queer, but will be very pleasant
for a little while, except for anxieties. We cannot
buy a morsel of food, and are living on the
provisions we brought for the journey with occasional
additions from our kind friends, the Millers, The
Sherrands are going to them today to stay, they
would take all of us if it was possible.
Friday Match 3rd. We all dined at Mr Miller's today,
and had a very pleasant time, Lute and Lal
have gone this evening to stay at a Mr Moore's,
The expense of only lodging here is enormous and
well worth saving. The Yankees camped 14 miles
this side of Staunton on Wednesday night, and
were no doubt in the town yesterday. We will
hear tomorrow.   Saturday March 4th Lincoln's
[...] [...monce] that Sheridan passed through [...]
yesterday, part of his force going towards Waynesboro,
and the remainder towards Gordonsville, We are
settled here for an indefinite time as no one will
venture out with horses while the Yankees are above
We have received the kindest attentions and are
really enjoying our room-keeping life very much.
The Sherrands are delightfully situation at Mr Miller's.