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and Lute and Lal equally so at Mr Moore's, We
have received a pressing invitation to a Mr
Allen's, a mile out of town, but are still hesitating
about dividing the party to such a distance, while
there is a hope of going on in a few days. Mrs A
is a cousin of Harriet Stribling, and she is living with
and is very kind to us, We receive a plentiful supply
of nice things every day, though nothing like provision
can be bought.      Monday March 6th I did think
that We would  be free from Yankees and fighting
for a little while, but here we are again in the
midst of both. Yesterday Mrs Moore invited us to dine
with her, and though it was Sunday, we did not
like to refuse, We first read the morning service
in our room, our whole party, Mrs Miller and
her children and Mrs Farra and her daughter
forming the congregation, After dinner there was an
alarm that the Yankees were coming, and the
whole town was astir, it proved to be untrue for
the time, but this morning we were roused
by the ringing of the Church bell and found
that an express had come down from Gen. Rosser
ordering Capt. Grandstaff to collect every man around
to meet a party of 700 Yankees who were coming
down in charge of 1000 prisoners, The Courier says
that Sheridan surprised Gen. Early and captured
his whole force, Early himself barely escaping , If[...]
[...] The men came in [...]
[...] of them [?...]
[...], the plan is that are to prevent the Yankees [...]
crossing the river while Rosser attacks them in the
rear. We have been watching from an upper porch
and could see the Yankee cannon advancing over
Rood's hill, three miles from here, the paused when
they saw our pickets and have now advanced
into a hollow, and are supposed to be cooking, from
the smoke which we can see, Rosser is said to be