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                             11 10
skirmishing with their rear this side of New market,
10 oclock Everything quiet, it is said Rosser will
make an attack tonight,   Tuesday March 7th My record
for today is a very sad one, About 7 oclock this
morning the Yankees charged across the river with
tremendous yells, breaking through our men who
were on this side, they chased them back through
the town, firing sharply, then returned to the river
to guard the prisoners over, out men followed them
back, and a brisk skirmish ensued, and they
were again driven back to the woods, the Yankees
there remained n the town, and went into many
houses, plundering, stealing and behaving outrageously,
By 12 oclock the prisoners came through with the
guard which proved to be over 3000 instead of the
800 we first heard. Of course, Rosser with less than
400 men could accomplish nothing against so
many, The prisoners said they were so hungry and
asked for bread. The people gave them all
that they had been able to keep from the Yankees,
but it was but little, We had a basket of hard tack
which we were keeping as a dernier resort on our
journey. The poor fellows seized it as eagerly as if
it had been some great [dainty], the only one we
knew was Capt. Calloway, who said that Lewis [...]
[...] We are shocked and [griev..]
to hear tonight that Charlie Davis was killed today
just across the river in a charge Rosser made on the
Yankees, It is said that Sheridan is returning to
Winchester on the other side of the ridge, so we have
some hope of going on to Staunton day after tomorrow.
We walked out to Mr Allen's, where we had been so kindly
invited to stay,