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                           0 11.
Wednesday March 8th This morning the report was
that Sheridan was returning through here, but this
evfening it is said that he has gone to Farmville,
after making a feint on Lynchburg, He is aiming
to burn the long bridge, which will be a terrible
blow to us, if he succeeds, We had made all our
arrangements to go on tomorrow to Staunton, but
now it is raining in torrents, and the river will
be so high in the morning that it will be impossible
to cross it.      Thursday March 9th The river is past
fording again, and we must wait patiently
until it is the will of Providence to permit us to
continue our journey. The people here have been
extremely kind, but we are anxious to get on.
We shall have much trouble even after we
reach Staunton, for the railroad is torn up,
and the land beyond Lexington too, No certain
report of Sheridan, still.
Friday Match 10th House and Henry Billings came
up today from a tour around Winchester, both
report that the Yankees are leaving there certainly,
They are moving all their stores and the railroad
is to be destroyed immediately, the Northern papers
admit that Sherman is entirely defeated, Sheridan
is trying to reach Grant and we cannot le[...]
[...] there is anything to pre[...]
[...] which reached Gen. Early, but the Yankees
were so rapid in their movements, there was not
time to prepare for them, their scouts cut the
telegraph wires and stopped the orders. We expect
to leave here tomorrow, certainly, I am very
sorry that we shall be forced to travel another
Sunday, The Yankees said in Woodstock that
they were surprised to find what correct information