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                                11 12
We had given, of their plans, and that they were
very anxious to overtake us.
Saturday March 11th Our hopes of getting on were
again disappointed, the wagons were being packed
when a man rode into town calling out "the Yankees
are coming", The wagons were driven off across
the river instantly, and the drivers refused to make
another attempt to go today. The report was founded
on the fact that 200 Yankees came last night to
Woodstock, scouting, some of our scouts up today
say there is no truth in the report of Winchester being
evacuated.     Sunday March 12 Harrisionburg. Sunday
though it was, we had to begin our journey today,
the baggage in our wagon, and our party of seven
with Mr  Long in the other, Mr Miller and Park Miller
on horseback, We crossed the river safely, though it
was still vey deep, and reached this place before
dark, We made ourselves comfortable, had tea and
coffe made, and gave the gentleman a nice supper in
one of our rooms, Here there is a report that Sherman
has been defeated, but it is not confirmed.
Bettie Effinger and Mrs Clapp came to see us, Mrs [C...]
said that one of Custer's staff told her [...]
[...] [...ation]. Of course it is the [merest] [...]
Monday March 13th Staunton, We reached here tonight
after a safe and not very uncomfortable journey,
We had been warned on the road that all communi=
cation was cut off beyond here. We find that the rail=
road to Charlottesville is destroyed, the canal, too, below
Lynchburg, and the road from here to Lexington almost
impassable. So here we must stay for at least a