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                          11 13.
Week or ten days. The gentleman here tell us, too, that
things about Richmond are so uncertain, that it is
best not to attempt to go there at present, Sheridan is
still at large on the north side of James river, Fitz
Lee is keeping up with him on the south side, and
Lomax with Infantry, is in his front. The report of
Sherman's defeat is disbelieved here, There has been
no general engagement, but Hampton has defeated
Kilpatrick on one wing of Sherman's army, and
Bragg has also defeated Scofield, who was endeavoring
to unit with Sherman, We have received the most
hospitable welcome here. Col. Nadenbush begged us
to take as many rooms, call for everything we please,
and stay as long as is convenient to us, without any
charge. This is very generous in these times, We have
had many visitors tonight, and numberless invitations,
Tuesday March 14th. We have quite a [?] this
morning, our party scatters today, Mary is to stay at
Dr. Stribling's, Jennie and Lizzie S. at Mr Taylor's, Anne
S. and Lal at Mr Stuart's, and Lute and I to Mr Jones',
I have been conforted by hearing that Lewis saved
all of his clothes, he is the only one of Early's staff who
saved anything. William was captured, and escaped,
and is now in Staunton,
Wednesday March 15th. The people here [...]
[...] [] hopeless [...]
[...], because Sheridan has not yet been [defe...]
Most of our Cavalry wad disbanded to recruit the horses,
and there is only Infantry to oppse him, and he
avoids meeting the forces we send out, It is reported
that another force of 10.000 from Fredericksburg have
united with him. Mary dined with us today, and in the
afternoon it cleared, and we all walked out, Dr Sparrow
and Dr. Colton called at night,