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                      11 14.
Thursday March 16th Raining again, and very gloomy
No News.
Thursday March 16th Still notihing but rumours, the central
road is being repaired, but it will be three or four
weeks before the trains will run; in the meantime
We must stay here, for things in Richmond are very
uncertain, and there must be something decisive
before many weeks have passed.
Friday March 17th We have a great many visitors, and
every one is extremely kind. Sheridan is still
afloat near the railroad.
Saturday March 18th I dined at Dr. Stribling's today,
and at night we all went to the institution for the
blind, deaf and dumb, the exercises were quite interesting,
Monday March 20th I enjoyed the services yesterday
extremely. Dr Sparrow is a fine quacker, Johnnie
Williams walked home with me to hear about home.
William Allen was here, and says a battle at Richmond
is imminent, and that it would be madness to attempt
to go there now, as the departments and valuables are
being removed, preparatory to the fight.
Monday March 20th Mary, Lute and I dined at Mr Stuarts'
today, and returned a great many visits. There are
reports of fighting with Sherman.
[...] one wing of Sherman's army, driving him
back 7 miles and taking 4500 prisoners, This is very fine
for a beginning, but Sherman must be thoroughly
defeated before Richmond will be safe, through having
our connections with the south restored. Lal and Anne S.
dined here today.
Wednesday March 22nd No news. The equinoctial storm in