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Friday March 24th We dined at dr Baldwin's, and
spent the evening at Dr. Strubling's.
Saturday March 25th We spent the evening at Mr
Catlett's, Gen. Early is ordered back here, Lomax and
his Cavalry have already come.
Monday March 27th Lewis came last night, he was
captured by Custer's men, near Richmond while return
ing from carrying dispatches, but escapted. Gen. Gordon
had a fight last Saturday near Hatchers Run, and
drove the enemy finely, taking 500 prisoners,
Friday March 31st Mrs Mason and Kate write urging
us to come to them, and Mr and Mrs Maury write
Mary to come with one of the girls to them, I am
afraid to go to Richmond, and that is the truth,
unless some very decided change takes place in the
aspect of affairs, News from Winchester tells us that the
blockade there is very strict, and no chance of our
being allowed to return, even if wished it, which we
do not,
Monday April 3rd Richmond was evacuated by Gen.
Lee last night, and this morning at 1/2 past 9 the
Yankees marched in. I have no heart to write more,
Tuesday April 4th The evacuation of Richmond was
made necessary by Grant's having sent a flanking
party of 30.000 around to break the south side [...]
[...] [...ery], He replused Grant [...]
[...fully,] but the danger to the only railroad left
to Gen Lee, made it absolutely necessary that he should
withdraw this army while he could, as yet we have
heard no particulars, There is a report that Sheridan
has returned to Winchester, and is again advancing up
the valley with a large body of Infantry, Our Cavalry is
picketing at Roods Hill and Gen. Lomax is in