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           Camp. of 2d. Mass. Redgt.

              near Stafford. Court House. Va.

Dear E, I received your last night while

on guard, also one from Octave, Some how or other

I have struck a streak of luck laterly have

received a letter every other day for the last fortnig[ht]

and to day I got a Bay State. The first paper for

nearly eight weaks. So you thought I was scolding

you, but twas not you I was scolding, for I know you

write every week, but the rest of them and I think

I din some good if I may judge by the letters I have

received since. But a saint would get cross ocassionaly

here. But I have got another house built, and my

duties ar light haveing nothing to do but go on

guard once in 12 days, And on poliece once in

the same time, and perhaps on fatuige duty

once. So with the exception of drilling two hours

and a half every pleasent day. Saturday after

noon and Sundays excepted you see I have plenty

of time, to write, read, or doe what I please, There

is some talk of our Redgt. being split up for

Provost guard duty. two compenys are at the Court House