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now; and the report is curant that five company

are to go to Aqua Creek Landing; but there is

no dependence to be placed in reports, when

the order comes we go, if its not countermanded

which is frequently the case. it has rained and

snowed for two days and nights, and has not

cleared of yet altho the wind has got in to the Westward.

Tell Moses that Fighting Jo! has comenced in the

right direction to gain the confidence and afections

of the army, having apealed to these bowels and isued

Potates, onions, and soft bread, Hope he'll hold

out, for we have lived on salt Pork and H Tack for the last

eight weeks, onely drawing fresh beefe four or five times

and salt beefe once. Some of the boys have just [passed?]

in and say the stars are out, so I supose 'twill

be pleasent tomorrow, and, Gordon will have his pets

out drilling sure, Gen Gordon has been home for

some time sick and arived out last week

he now comands the Davision, and Col [Ceermine?]

the Brigade, and Maj Gen Slocum the Corps, and

last but not least Coggy the Regt. so roaring set

of officers if we should get into a mess, of

which there's not much danger at present. You