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             ask me what I think off you learning

to run a machiene. You must be your own

judge of that. You might try it and see how

you could stand it. but what do you do at

the shop now? There is one thing I am sorry for

and that is that Mrs Wim is with you, I have always

surmised all was not right in that quarter. but

never knew for ceartain, untill I come out here,

that her caracter was so bad, There's four or five

of our boys know her, and her caracter is worse than

Mary Greys; get rid of her as soon as posible if you

have any respect for yourself, or me. I should not

write you this if I was not sure of the truth

of it no one knows, in the company that I know

her, and I would not have them know that you

associated with her for on hundred dollars.

tell Clarra I shall write to her soon,

I want to write to Mother to night if posible.

You ask if I get more [wage?] now; I do not, a

corperal pay is the same as a privates $13 a

Sergent $17, a first, or orderly Sergents $20 but I am

in hopes to have a rize before many months