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at that time as my ankle had been

neglected, and was very badly swolen

and inflamed, so much so that I

have been oblidged to keep very quiet

and have had poltices of flax seed, on

it ever since. The sweeling and infla

mation is gon now, and I am in

hopes it will soon commence to heal.

The weather is very pleasent, and not

disagreeably warm, but rather cool for

Baltimore at this season, which is a good

thing for the wounded. Part of the eighth

regt. left here yesterday for home, and

a small portion of them I believe are with

the army in Virginia, But I can't write

a great deel at a time, as it wount do to

let me leg remain in an upright

position long at a time, so you must

be satisfied with short letters, and

you shall have them oftener,

I wrote you Thursday, which you have