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to stop three months in one place

it would'nt be us, but "some other Nig"

The weather continues good, and

emence quanties of Mules, Waggons

Ordinance and Stores of all kinds are

being shoved to the front, taxing the

capasities of the Rail Road to its utmost

Twelve trains, run regularly over the road

every day and sometimes more.

A squad of our Regt 20 men under

the comand of Leut Parker, went on

a scouting expedition Thursday night

for the purpos of baging a number of

Gurillas that have been plundering and

kicking up the devill generaly in Frank-

ling County, but the Imps got wind

of thier coming, and had left, before

our boys arived, "If the Fox had not &c."

The morral is obvious!

However, hardly a day passes but they

bring in from one to five, of the shrinks

and we have some fifty of them in the

Stockcade now, most of whome will be