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shoot or hung, and eather

or both is too good for them

The farmers have comenced

planting and the Stores over in

town are filled with customers

from the country bying seeds

farming tools, of which by the way

there is by a small supply,

none however can by any thing to

take outside the lines unless they

have a ticket from the Provost Marshal

certifying that they are Loyal, and

have taken the Oath, which some of

them are willing to do every fifteen

minuets, and Break it as often.

But some of the boys made a rade

this morning, And our Mess is

the gainer of some beves kidneys

and Steak, which we shall endevour

to put out of sight about 12. N.

And it is now, 11.30. So I will close

this up by Wishing you good by and

asureing you that I am somewhat