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(I hope not too roughly) of my darling. then can I write

as I would talk, and as I feel, Not a night since I have

been in the army wether in Camp, on the line picket

line, or skulking with stealthy steps. through our lines

and on my hands and knees. cat like, recoinotering the

lines of the Enemy. liable at any moment to receive

a shott from friend or foe. but what the thought of you,

mother, and home, was ever present in my mind.

And to do my duty well, and and as becomes a soldier

honerable alike to you and myself. has ever been my aim

and the duties I have had to perform for the last year, altho I how how I have performed them

I canot now more than hint at them but now I have

nothing to do, and can write when I please. But how long

this will last I dont know. Sherman is at Savanah and

we may receive Orders any hour to join the Corps with

the bagage. Should this be the case. my chances for writing

would be considerably reduced. And the same short and

business like letters would again be the order of the day

But never as you love me, (which I know you do,) think for

a moment that my love has grown cold. so [belongs] not wholly

and unreservedly to the one, that trusted her hopes and

wellfare in My keeping. And altho I may not have always

cherished, and sustained you in your many trials as I

should. God knows I have suffered and repented, when