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no Eye but his, and no other Ear could hear the

repentant moan that has gon from my heart. and

should the few hours between this and the riseing sun of tomorrow

be my last. my last thought would be of you my last prayer

for your forgiveness.

When at home last winter I made you a promise, that

promise I have faithfuly kept. And I hope I shall be

enabled to if I ever get home again. Why it's so much harder

for me to keep it at home I no not but here its no

trouble at all. But darling its getting late and I

must close, I shall write you again Sunday if nothing

turns up. Give my Love to all Kiss the Children for

me, and believe me dearest your true and devoted

                             Husband   Foster.

P.S. there has been no mail from the East for two

days, and I dont know when this will leave Nashville

but I shall post it tomorrow. now good night or rather

morning (2 o,clock) and I will turn in and dream

of thee.