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                Feb 15th. 1865

My own dear Girl

                     Yours under

date of Feb [6?r.] arrived this evening

in company with two Valentines.

And I need not tell you how much

pleased I was to get them as it was been

over three weeks since I received a letter

from you. I got two Bay States, which I

knew were from you but what to make

of it! that I got no letters I could not

imagin. As I got a letter from Amanda

and She wrote me you were all well.

I also received two bundles of Boston

Journals from Moses I think, and with

you letter and Valentines to day comp-

rises all the mall matter I have got

for nearly four weeks, i like the poetry

first rate and would realy like to see

not only Willie but his Mother as well

as all the rest and I think I shall have