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have that priviledge before many months

as this thing must wind up this sumer

if the folks at home do thier duty and come

up like true patriots with men and money

There is no prospect of our leaveing here

for some time. At least not to join our Corps

as they will have no use for the bagage as

long as the army is on an active campaign

which will be as long as Jeff has a sign of an

Army. but Sherman and Grant have got him

into pretty close quarters and will soon

win the Hourse or loose the Saddle, and

of course thier can be no question which

of them it will be. You say truly there will

be hard fighting this Spring, but If things

work right there will be but one battle, the last

gigantic strugle of the monster Rebelion, but

it will strugle hard, and will die hard, but

Grant and Shermans Armies can whip all

Lee can bring into the field Black and White

I am home sick enough the lord knows and

want to see thing over, but as I have tolled you

many times there can never be peace untill

the Rebels lay down thier arms and return to