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thier aleigence and Licoln dere accept no

other terms If he wished to for our Army would

revolt to a man should our Goverment acknoledge

thier Independence or agree to give them back thier

Niggers. No my love as hard as it is I would rather

remain teen years longer in the Service than to end

this war by a divided Country, for in that case

the would be no peace but a continual war North

and South. and that Boy we love so well would

be oblidged to follow the footsteps of his farther,

and spend the best years of his life in a ware

where niether house nor proffict could be found.

I have not writen to you for over a week as I

was in hopes to get paid but there are no more

signes of it than a month ago. and I also wanted

toi here from you. Thank you for the Postage stamp

I shall return it with this as my suply had run

entirely out. I cant see the trouble about our

letters I have writen every week 'till last, and

have maled every one myself. I have receivd

no letters from Mr Corsen, who is he? any one

I ever knew? I did know two or three Corsen boys

that worked Healing Dana and his two Brothers

is it eather of them? However, if I reseive his letter