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I will write him. Why dont you tell me

how Tave is You say nothing about her niether

did [Manel]. I would write to her if I knew

where she was. If we ever get paid off, I wll

write you what to do with the money the last of

this month there will bee six months pay due

me. 120 dollars, besides an installment of Bounty

I suppose. And all I wish is that they would pay

us off. for your sack at least, and my own to for

I dont have half tobaco enough but I would not mind

if I could think that you always had food enough

but these times cant last always and I

see many bright hours ahead. but its geting

late and I must think of closing this up

The weather has been beautiful for the past

week but this morning it comenced raining

and continues to yet.

             And now dearest

give my love to all and write as soon as posible

and I will as soon as I get another Stamp.

Direct to Sergt. Wm F Mrogan Yours Truly and Devotedly

              Nashville                                Foster


    Base 1209