Henry Grew, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "to the Friends of Righteousness and humanity to convene at West Chester on the 25th inst.", 1861 October 23

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Phila Octr 23d 1861

To the friends of righteousness and humanity

to convene at West Chester on the 25th inst to

"remember those in bonds as bound with them."

their aged fellow laborer, Henry Grew sendeth


Providentially prevented from being personally

present with you to "plead for him that hath no

helper," my heart's desire and prayer to God for you

is, that the wisdom which cometh from above which

is both pure and peaceable may guide all your

deliberations, in this solemn Crisis, when "the Lord

cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the

earth for their iniquity." Isa 26:21.

Let us, beloved friends, beware of the subtle devices 

of the Tempter, who, if unsuccessful in effort to turn

us from seeking a right end will endeavor to induce

us to seek it by wrong means

It is important to distinquish between God's eternal

law of righteousness and love, and what he permits

wicked men to do (who are his sword) when he punishes

nations for their sins. The former only is our rule

of action. We may rejoice that the Almighty Governor 

of the universe will overule evil for good, but we are 

not allowed to do evil that good may come. 

We may hope that the great Arbiter of nations may

overrule the present war of carnage, blood, and slaughter,

to accomplish the ultimatum of our desires and 

labors, in the deliverance of the slaves throughout