Henry Grew, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "to the Friends of Righteousness and humanity to convene at West Chester on the 25th inst.", 1861 October 23

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the entire land, from that vile yoke of oppression

which he himself hates with a perfect hatred; but

this gives us no authority to sanction the war, if the

war itself, is not in accordance, with that law of 

righteousness and love which is our only rule of duty. 

God overruled the crucifixion of his Son for high and 

benevolent purposes, but it was done "with wicked

hands," and brought down divine wrath on the perpetrators. 

The question is, Is this war a right measure to 

accomplish a right end?


What is its avowed object? Is it to obey God's law

to break every yoke and let the oppressed go free?

Is it to do justice to the outraged captive, and to

proclaim Liberty throughout the land to all the 

inhabitants thereof? No verily! it is to re-establish

the very same general government, the same political

state, which existed before the secession of any state

from the Union. What was that Government? It

was one which ignored the rights of millions of our 

fellow men, made in the image of God, and cast them 

down to the level of the beasts of the earth and 

creeping things to be sold in the market place!

It was a Government which violated God's law of 

justice, and love, and mercy; which forbids us to return 

to his  master the poor fugitive from vile and cruel oppression. Deut 23:15.


This system of Government involving this atrocious 

violation of moral principle, ought not to be re-established.

As righteousness only exalteth a nation, every true 

patriot, or lover of his Country, ought to opose it 

by moral means. 


Some imagine, that although the prupose of the