Henry Grew, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "to the Friends of Righteousness and humanity to convene at West Chester on the 25th inst.", 1861 October 23

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What scenes are now presented in this land in

this nineteenth century of the christian era!

The professed disciples of the Prince of Peace commanded to go forth

with their feet shod with the preparation of the gospel

of Peace go forth to bayonet each other's bodies, which are 

professedly "the temples of the Holy Ghost"! One 

day, a man stands in the pulpit, claiming to be

an apostle of the Gospel of Peace, teaching us to be

"gentle towards all men," to love (our) enemies and 

pray for them that despitefully use (us) and 

persecute (us.)" Tomorrow, he is transformed into

a Brigadier General, commanding us to fight out

enemies like tigers, and deluge the country with 

their blood! "My soul,  come not thou unto their

secret unto their Assembly mine honor be not Thou


Esteemed friends, let no consideration induce us

to descend from our high and truly noble position of

moral power. Let us ever breast ourselves with the 

impenetrable shield of a holy faith in the Truth

which abideth forever. "The weapons of our warfare are 

not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down

of (the) strong holds" of sin. Slavery hastens to its merited

doom of "shame and everlasting contempt." The dark 

clouds that now encircle us shall be dispelled by the 

sun of Righteousness. The rod of the Oppressor

shall be broken and "the nations shall learn war

no more"."Even, so come, Lord Jesus."