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                               7 Fifth Avenue

                                    New York

                                     Feb. 20. 1876-

My dear friend,

                 May I not send to you

who even [so] tender toward [our]

[sorrow] a year ago, a word of sym-

pathy in your great loss? It can be

only an expression of sympathy, for

it would be folly in me to try

to point out a way of relief to one

of your deep [will].

    How well I remember Mrs.

Garrison, years ago, when we were first

in Boston, & so many times enjoyed your

cordial hospitality! We were impressed

with the happiness of your family, & spoke

of it to my Mother who thought it the re-

sult of a rule which guided you. What

it was I do not quite remember, but think

it was something to this effect: that every

child should have full freedon of opinion.

     With affectionate remembrance to you all,

                        Yours sincerly

                           Elizabeth L. Miller