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   My friend Mr. Edwards

of Michigan subscribed his

twenty five dollars with

the understanding, I suppose,

that I would superintend the

publication of the work.

   Which I shall be only too

happy to do with all the dis

cretion [discretion] of which I am

capable; and the fidelity and

integrity of one who would

bear the name, and deserve

it too, of a strictly honest man.

     Perhaps you would pre

sent [present] the subject to a few whom

you know in Boson who might

favor the enterprise; or send me

their names and I could do it

myself.   I shall ask Capt. Mars-

ton [Marston] and Mr. John Whiting when

in Boston in three or four days.

   Pardon this obtrustion and

believe me most devotedly yours,

                  Parker Pillsbury.